Updated February 3, 2018

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The young of the Lesser Snow Goose are precocial, born with both eyes open and with down-covered bodies that already suggest their white or blue adult color. Within three weeks, they are able to walk up to 50 miles with their parents from the nest to a more suitable brood-rearing location.

Snow Geese mate for life, usually in their second year, and produce young in their third year. The less protected the nesting site, the larger the nest, perhaps up to 6 1/2 feet in diameter. The creamy white eggs stain easily and can suggest the order of laying with the dirtiest egg being the oldest.

The Snow Goose has a "laughing patch" on the bill. It is a black patch on the base of the bill that resembles a smile.

The Snow Goose is an interesting bird. There are two subspecies: the Greater Snow and the Lesser Snow. The Lesser Snow has a white phase (or morph) and a blue phase (or morph). These colorations are genetically controlled and do not suggest the level of maturity of the bird.

Here's a look at how the project progressed.

It was an exciting moment for me, made even more exciting by a standing ovation. I must admit that I had mixed emotions: I was sad to see my year's work pass to other hands, but I sure was proud to have been the pivot point of a wonderful project with such remarkable results.

The Avalon Foundation promoted the snow goose project during the year with newspaper and magazine articles, interviews, videos, and dinners for their Producers' Guild of donors. As members of the Producers' Guild made substantial contributions to the foundation, they would receive tickets to a drawing. At a dinner in June of 2014, the winner was chosen.

So, back to the snow goose...

The foundation also operates the Farmer's Market, the Outdoor Concert Program, the Multicultural Festival, various children's programs, the Fourth of July Celebration, MCTV (community television), and more. Surely, the area is richer for the presence of the Avalon Foundation.

Plein Air Easton! is another major undertaking of the Avalon Foundation. The largest plein air competition in the US, this annual event draws plein air painters and patrons from across the US and beyond its borders.

The Avalon Theatre is the keystone of the foundation. A continuous stream of high-quality, diversified entertainment takes place year-round in a charming, 350- seat historic theater in downtown Easton, Maryland.

A fundraising donation to the Avalon Foundation, I'm proud to say that it raised almost $100,000.

"Avalon, Many Dreams Realized"...

...took a full year to complete. This Lesser Snow Goose Blue Phase full-sized sculpture is estimated to have 2200 carved feathers and 48,000 wood burned strokes. It is no wonder that my hands hurt even to this day.