Updated February 3, 2018

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The HERON  are long legged freshwater and coastal birds that, to a certain extent, are distinguished by flying with their necks retracted and not outstretched.

The GEESE, generally, are monogamous and live in permanent pairs although if one partner dies, the remaining goose will take another partner. They are territorial only during their short nesting season.

The PERCHING ducks are grouped because of their penchant for perching in trees or on exposed logs and for nesting in tree holes or nesting boxes.

The STIFF TAILED ducks have, as the name implies, stiff tail feathers that are used as rudders for swimming and as territorial display for breeding purposes. These are freshwater diving ducks with large bills and set-back legs making them awkward on land so they mostly stay on the water.

The SEA DUCKS also dive. They have salt glands allowing them to tolerate saline waters and they have thicker feathering to insulate against severe cold since most occupy habitats in the far northern latitudes.

The DIVERS are deep water birds and agile swimmers. Large feet and short legs set far back on the bodies let them paddle underwater to the vegetation and animal life that they eat. Often, they are so low in the water that you can't see their tail feathers. They can't land in small spaces and must remain in open water with runway space for take-off. 

The DABBLERS are the classic puddle ducks. They can and do feed in puddles. They float high in the water and have large wings relative to their bodies so that they can drop down onto small areas.

Below is a brief introduction to each of these groupings. More information can be found on the computer at web sites like at All About Birds, Audubon and Wikipedia.


         Whistler Swan

        North American Trumpeter Swan

     Red Throated Loon

     Working Decoy


     American Crow

     American Goldfinch

     Northern Cardinal

     American Robin

     Eastern Bluebird


     Green Heron

     Black Crowned Night Heron


     Canada Goose

     Lesser Snow Goose


     Wood Duck


     Ruddy Duck










     Lesser Scaup

     Ring-necked Duck



     Northern Pintail

     American Wigeon


     American Black Duck

     Mottled Duck

     Green Winged Teal

     Blue Winged Teal

Here are the groupings:

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